Earn from anywhere in the world with these 5 websites

 You're online and scrolling and trying so hard to find that survey site or that site that isn't limited to just the US, or the UK, and other countries surveys and make money online websites are available to.

Then finally you come upon one that does say it's available in your country, you sign up and everything, hoping to do some offers, tasks, and surveys. 

When you try to, it says no surveys available or offers not available in your country, and you never ever see something to do and never ever get an invite to one.

 So much for availability, am I right?

I was that person for so long. 

It was so frustrating. I'm always like why are there no opportunities for me to earn on here? 

Motivational post

Even online jobs were the same thing (I will talk about that in the next blog).


In this blog post, I would like to discuss five websites that offer daily tasks to their users.

 These websites are designed to provide a range of tasks that can be accomplished regularly. 

I am confident that at least one of these websites will be of great help to you.

 Without further ado, let's dive into the details.


You can trust that humanatic is a legitimate site that pays you to review calls. 

With the right amount of dedication and effort, you can earn up to over $50 a day depending on the number of hours you work. 

However, do keep in mind that starting out may not be easy, and it may take some time to reach the $20 threshold for cashing out. 

But with persistence and patience, you can definitely earn a decent income from this site.

Upon commencement, you shall be granted access to solely two categories, which offer a relatively modest remuneration ranging from 0.03 cents to 0.22 cents per call. 

Your task would be to listen to calls and meticulously label them as per the prescribed guidelines. 

Although it may seem facile, it requires a certain degree of dexterity.

You need to adhere to their guidelines and keep up your accuracy, so you can get availability to higher paying call categories. 

Just read the instructions, and you'll be fine. After a while, you'll be able to listen to calls faster and earn more as you get the jist of it. 

You could lose a category if you don't perform well and keep up your accuracy on that particular call category.

You have to cash out on Wednesday by noon to get it on Thursday, as they do payouts every week.

 If you don't do it by 12, you'll be waiting until the next Thursday for pay.

The good thing is, that you don't need a laptop or desktop, you can do it on your mobile phone or tablet. 

Just make sure you have a steady internet connection. 

The bad thing is, that Paypal is not available in every country and since it's the only payout method that they offer, you should only join if you get a Paypal account.

But Humanatic is available globally. You can register and become a member regardless of where you live. 

Signing up doesn't guarantee that you will become a member of the site though.

Humanatic has to verify your credentials among other things.

 If everything checks out they will approve your membership application.

 It could take days before you hear from them. I got an email back in a few days but some members say it took them months.

Once you're in though that's it. And you can get down to getting that money! 

They also have support you can reach out to in case you have any issues. 

Although they provide opportunities to earn money, there are some drawbacks associated with them. 

For example, the payout can be low and they may have limited payment options. Moreover, signing up does not guarantee membership among other things. 

However, if you like this offer, you should give it a try because it is a fairly easy way to make money. 

Additionally, there is room for growth, so after some time, you may be able to earn more when you gain access to higher-paying call categories.

 The most I've earned on Humanatic for a day was $30 to be honest, lol. But there were people on the leaderboard making over $70. 

I mean I have booked nice places in Bali for less than $70 a day! And I mean straight up luxury. It's amazing the deals you get for travelling these days.

They had access to those higher-paying calls. I had a few medium-paying tasks I would say. 

I wasn't keeping my accuracy up so  I lost a few categories and got back some. 

And I worked like 3 hours a day sometimes 2 hours. Some days I didn't even go on.

So imagine working 5 hours or even 8 hours.

But some people do this as a full-time job and take it very seriously, keeping up their accuracy and earning good money each week. 

So you could do so too and make good money here.

 It sounds a little but if you are accurate and efficient, which you will be when you get used to it, you can review a lot of calls an hour and it will add up quickly. 

   2.  Remotasks

Remotasks is an online tasking platform focusing on building technologies related to AI (Artificial Intelligence), neural networks, and machine learning. 

They work with different companies to help form smarter gadgets such as self-driving cars and more.

So you'll be training AI, doing tasks such as Image analysis and comparison, which is just drawing some boxes around different objects, 3D video analysis, categorization, transcription, and data collection from the web.

Just build an account, and they offer free bootcamp training for you to complete, and then you're on board. 

Now with these tasks, if you want to be able to do all tasks you will need a desktop or laptop, but there are those transcription and data collection tasks you can do from your phone. 

Since tasks are confidential, I can't show any examples, so you'd just have to sign up and check it out. 

You do however also need a PayPal to receive your payout. The pay is low for most tasks but you can earn more for tasks that can be difficult at first.
You'll need some patience until you get the hang of it and put in the effort. Don't give up because it's hard.

 Easy tasks can range up to 10 cents per task. There is no payout threshold, and they pay out weekly, you don't need to cash out manually.

Remotasks has over 240,000 taskers an growing. Join today and become a part of their community. They claim you can make up to $720 weekly. 

My take on it? I have been a part of their community and most times had tasks available.

I'd mostly do transcription and data collection tasks when they were available because they were the easiest.

I had other websites I would be on besides remotasks, and I had a schedule of how I worked around them.

  Harder tasks now could be easier for some and you could definitely give it a try. Then there are some of us who catch on quickly and understand things very well.

I've seen harder tasks for even $3 per task and there are plenty of tasks available so I'm guessing it could be possible to make good cash when you get accustomed to it.

 And like I said they have training for you, so you don't have to worry.

You also need to make sure you're performing well or they will take the category away from you without warning.

 You'll just see that little message pop up in your email from them. 

Remotasks is available globally and you can sign up from anywhere and earn whenever and wherever you please.

Clickworker is a micro-tasking platform that has a 4.5-star rating on Trust Pilot. You participate in AI training, surveys, voice recordings, and photo contests.

Clickworker ensures that tasks are always available, allowing you to work from anywhere at any time as a contractor.

Once you've created an account, there are three ways to make money,

• Complete tasks directly on Clickworker.

• Answer surveys from their partner site Peanut Labs.

• Complete tasks through their partner site UHRS (Universal Human Relevance System)

Before accessing the tasks on UHRS, you will be required to complete assessments. 

The English used in the assessments is very simple, so there's no need to worry. 

However, it can be a bit frustrating to answer some questions only to find out that you don't qualify for that particular survey. 

This is a common occurrence on survey sites, so it's to be expected.

You can use any device you have to perform tasks, whether it's a smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

When working there, I made like $4 an hour most times, but there were limited times when I made $8 an hour, and most times tasks were available, so it was not that bad. 

I've seen people say they've made $20 an hour. Never happened to me though, haha.

They pay via Paypal, ACH, Payoneer weekly, and SEPA bi-weekly which is good they have a variety of options.

 You don't need to manually request a payout, they will send it to you once you've reached the minimum threshold, which is $10. 

Just ensure your payout details are set up correctly.
If you think it's not worth your time, or you have other sources of income, maybe you could just do it in your spare time, on the go, or something.

 I on the other hand was making all the money I could from multiple taksing platforms (haha), so I was where the money was.

I had a schedule so I worked with it.

After time I got used to them so I knew when tasks would be there abundantly on each platform.

Overall I think that they have a good variety of tasks, you can do more from your smartphone, which is always convenient. They have a community that will help you when you don't understand and they do have strong email support.

There is a bit of personal information you will have to provide though such as your home address so if you're not on board with that then maybe it's not for you, but they do take their security very seriously.

I do recommend joining several sites so you have numerous options while getting to know each site better.

Then you will have good chances of making some decent money or a little on the side.

4. Toloka

Toloka is a crowdsourcing platform that helps process large amounts of data by distributing large number of people who do small tasks.

 Clients companies, or requesters, create tasks on the Toloka platform and set the reward for them, while Tolokers chose tasks, complete them and earn money online.

You can help classify images, transcribe audio recordings, moderate comments, compete focus group surveys, and so on.

The resulting data is used for training machine learning algorithms, research, or other purposes.

The good thing is tasks can be done on any device on the app or on their website. However it is more convenient to do some tasks on the larger screen of a dektop or laptop computer. 

You have a single account for the web version of the platfom and for the mobile app, so either way, you get paid fo doing tasks to a single account.

The amount of the reward will vary depending on the task complexity, the skill level , and availability of tasks in the Toloker's region. However it is possible to make more than $100 extra cash monthly.

They pay via Payoneer, Papara and QIWI in US dollars. They use to pay out via PayPal, but they don't anymore. Minimum payout depends on the payment method you use. 

Don't try to withdraw money until you are sure that the payment method you used has been confirmed in the paymentt system.

I have made more than that a month on Toloka since I started. And I only spend like an hour or so online. I don't go on everyday. 

The thing I like about Toloka is that I always have tasks available, I never but I just never complete them all. I only chose what I want to do.

The availability of tasks depends on your region, skills and the overall number of tasks created by the authors.

 Now when I say skills, I am just talking about training and exam tasks they will provide you with.

You will get training tasks and exams, unpaid of course, so you get access to new skills and gain access to new projects. 

The more training tasks you do, the more paid tasks will be available to you.

 Sometimes you can complete all the tasks available to you. In that case, just go back later for new tasks.

Justt ensure you provide accurate information abou yourself during the registration process and make sure you concentrate and be careful while performing tasks online.

This one may be a bit unconventional, but it doesn't require much effort and won't generate as much income as some other methods.

 Repocket is a software that compensates you for sharing your unused internet bandwidth. 

It operates quietly in the background, allowing you to earn without any active involvement.

It doesn't slow down your internet connection and it's very safe and private to use. They pay via PayPal and Bank Transfer.

You can earn more by running it with multiple devices on the same account to reach your minimum payout limit, which is $20.

They pay out when the threshold is reached, so no need to manually cash out.

Repocket is said to have the highest rate per gigabyte transferred, so it's decent.  

 I still have it running on my phone and tablet too as I don't have to lift a finger. It's passive income.

 Make sure you allow the app to use battery in the background without restrictions for it to keep running.

Repocket also has an offer wall to earn from, play games, download apps, do surveys, and so on, making it easier to cash out quickly.

Application is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Docker, Rasberry Pi, and macOS.

TIP|Run multiple programs like this to earn more. My recommendations are Honeygain and Pawns.app.

Click any of the highlighted words to get started!

You can chose to use all at once to earn more money or a few less, or even a few more. 
There are more where these came from. 

Something is here for everyone. Everyone. Any country, anywhere you are.

 Like I said, its very hard to find available websites like these in the Caribbean, and I did use these along with others for a good time and they have helped me out a lot.

It's okay to not hit it big at first. I know social media influences some of us otherwise but a lot of people didn't start out making tons of money at first. 

It's okay to start small and its okay to work a 9 to 5 to help acheive your dreams. It can all add up and get closer and closer to where you want to be.

Even though I no longer use most of them, using multiple of these sites helped me earn a good living until things got better.

But I had to be patient, disciplined and determined. When you work for yourself on your own, its easy to just leave all your doing and just go watch a movie, or an anime, scroll through social media.

I did that a lot starting out. But I had to keep reminding myself of what I'm trying to aim for here and I could never get it that way.

In some countries, US dollars are worth a lot so it could even be more for you.

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